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NightlyPoe said:
SpokenTruth said:

Must I repeat myself?  yes, I must.

"Well there it is. You don't get it. What is news to one may not be to others. For you, this is irrelevant. For others, it's a story of taking control against a growing conspiracy that is potentially life threatening for millions of people."

It's a non-story to you because you don't like or agree with it.  You even call the story benign which suggests you don't recognize the tragedies already befalling us from the anti-vaccination movement.

It's not news to anyone that an adult can make their own medical decisions.  You want to spin it out into a greater story (in short, build a narrative), but you're rather proving my point.  It's not about the non-story, it's about how it can be spun into something more than it is.  It's simple advocacy.

Furthermore, I partially chose this story to highlight because I agreed with the premise.  I called the goal benign (which, for some reason, you seem to have taken for the opposite of the word's meaning) and stated my position clearly in the topic post.  I could have used other more politically charged examples, but this was a safe one where the misbehavior of the reporters is evident even if their intentions are non-controversial.

I believe it's your eyes that are being shaded to the harm being done by such practices being common because you agree with the intention.

You sound like a moron repeating the same thing over an over again.

This IS a story.

Going by your reasoning, Rosa Parks not standing up on the bus was not a story. I mean it was just an adult woman chosing to not stand up. What's so special about that. I choose not to stand up hundreds of times a day.