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SvennoJ said:
Biggerboat1 said:

I'd say they have more in common than not. There are differences sure, but they both feature exploration, the strategic scaling of huge features (mountains in BOTW & Colossi in SOTC), a kind of haunting atmosphere in a decaying ancient world and in both you're a dude running about with a sword and bow trying to save/help a princess... It's not like comparing either one of them to Tetris, for instance...

I know this will strike some as sacrilegious, but if you swapped out the Divine Beasts for the Colossi and fixed the gripes with the controls, I think that it'd truly be the ultimate combination (I think most people agree the boss fights in BOTW were actually pretty average compared to the rest of the game).

In some other dimension maybe that game exists :)

In one game you desecrate a mysterious forbidden deserted land for your own personal gain, in the other you set out to restore the land and free the inhabitants from a century of pending doom. Yes both feature climbing and a dude with a sword.

Praey foar thay goawds might be that game

Nice - they've even included the hook-shot :)

In the summary it's says it's being developed by a team of 3... that seems insane to me... unless it ends up in development for 20 years!