danasider said:

It's one of my favorite games, and yet I can admit it's for everyone.

That said, the gripes with the controls seem to be an issue for many modern gamers. I loved Spider-Man as well, but the point of the gameplay is completely different.

In SotC, the controls shouldn't feel like your flying through the air doing whatever you want like a superhero. I actually enjoyed the immersion allowed by how tactile it feels. When the colossi move, Wander and you feel like you have to really hold on (him the monster, you the buttons on the control). Also, getting through a desolate world is another part of the immersion, but if you had controls like in Uncharted, what would there be to do? Just press forward? You would bounce off everything because of the assist and there's nothing else to do but travel and find/beat bosses (aside from the small side things like killing lizards), so making you work for it actually makes sense to me. Finally, the controls with Agro (the horse) seem to be hard, but they make sense. It's like steering a horse. You don't ride horses like you do motorcycles. Most games aim for ease, but this game wants you to be in its world. The controls, as polarizing as they are to some, seem completely intentional no matter if the game was made back 2005 or now.

I won't try to convince you to finish the game, because it just may not be your style. But if you do, embrace the design and don't try to mold it into other games that make things simple, easy, and gamey. Not saying those games suck. Like I said, I loved Spider-Man. But this is not that type of game.

The ending has a very big payoff, but if you can't overlook the game design. It might not be worth it to you.

*Edit just realized you beat it. Good on you for sticking it out. I typically just give up on games that I know aren't up my ally, because I don't have the time as a full-time working adult. But the types of games I like are super atmospheric and/or offer challenge. Bloodborne is another favorite.

I actually found the horse riding fine - it actually does provide a lot of steer assist when you're going over bridges, through forest, ravines etc. There were times when the game decided I couldn't go into full gallop which was annoying but not that big a deal.

And I'm not against difficult games. Probably my favourite game of all time is FTL & I've beat than on hard with multiple ships. But the difficulty I enjoy is one which challenges your decision-making, problem-solving, strategy and even your coordination (a la Spiderman). The difficulty I don't like is one which stems from trying to overcome flawed or sluggish controls or a bad camera.

The fact that it took me multiple attempts at the final boss actually detracted from the experience for me as when I'm scaling him for the umpteenth time after falling off because of imprecise jumping or excessive thrashing I'm thinking how much I want it to be over rather than marvelling at the awesome scale and design - which is what I should be doing. It's not about being overpowered - it's about being comfortably in control of intuitive controls.

I don't want to sound overly negative though - I guess the complaining comes from a place of frustration, as not many games hit the highs of SOTC, but then it seems to needlessly trip itself up with some relatively basic issues. It's only because I enjoyed some parts so much that I care enough to complain - if that makes sense...