SvennoJ said:
super_etecoon said:
I'll be honest. I loved Ico...and I loved Shadow of Collosus. But After Breath of the Wild, it would be difficult to go back to SotC. There just isn't enough to keep you moving forward. BotW owes a lot to SotC, but sometimes the student becomes the master.

The two games are nothing alike!

I spend an hour exploring this area, there is no reason to go there, nothing to find, no distractions, just peace.

Exploring the map is reward on its own. I don't need a fight every few minutes or a trinket.

I recently started to play Forza Horizon 4. Great game, yet after a few days I was burned out on it already. Icons everywhere. Do one race, 3 more pop up. At some point I figured I wasn't having fun anymore, the game had turned into a giant to do list.

BotW luckily kept the icon nonsense hidden, However there I couldn't move normally anymore either after the assassins kept popping up and the 'regular' enemies had all leveled up the maximum. It's nice to have a game where you can simply wander around without getting interrupted all the time. The student did not become the master, the student missed the point. That is, if the games were anything alike. What keeps me moving forward is my curiosity to see what's beyond the next hill, around the next corner, in that cave, what's hidden in the forest etc.

Man that remaster was so impressive, if only all could be this good. I agree with you, I am the kinda of person who loves to immerse myself into the game. So minimalist games like SotC or Bloodborne are my favorites.