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The only platform with an Animal Crossing title on it that wasn't beaten in sales by a Pokemon title was the Wii with City Folk, but the Wii only had Battle Revolution representing Pokemon, so hardly a fair comparison, and Amiibo Festival on Wii U, which only had Rumble U representing Pokemon, a ridiculous comparison. Even Pokemon Colosseum on the Gamecube beat the original Animal Crossing. If you put a mainline Pokemon against a mainline Animal Crossing, Pokemon always wins. The best selling Animal Crossing is barely in the realm of the Pokemon remakes. Even Let's Go is likely going to outsell New Leaf. There's no way Animal Crossing Switch outsells Sword & Shield. Maybe it does better than New Leaf since Animal Crossing is growing and this is the Switch we're talking about so crazy sales are possible, but Pokemon is on an upswing in popularity and is also going to be on the Switch, providing a home console mainline Pokemon experience for the first real time. People are crazy hyped about that. It's going to crush Animal Crossing.