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* Nothing I consider to be spoilrish, but what will put a gap here.




Name Description  
Ultimate Survivor Collected all trophies.
Left Alive Finished Chapter 1.
Disturbing Elements Finished Chapter 2.
Aimless Finished Chapter 3.
Converging Paths Finished Chapter 4.
Man of Memory Finished Chapter 5.
A Deal's a Deal Finished Chapter 6.
Twisted Hopes Finished Chapter 7.
Dangerous Waters Finished Chapter 8.
Farewells Finished Chapter 9.
The Other Side of Darkness Finished Chapter 10.
Open Throttle Finished Chapter 11.
Serve and Protect Finished Chapter 12.
Bottom of the Ninth Finished Chapter 13.
Do or Die Finished Chapter 14.
Shelter Shepherd Guided a survivor to an evacuation shelter for the first time.
Ten Survivors Saved Rescued ten survivors.
Twenty Survivors Saved Rescued twenty survivors.
All Survivors Saved Rescued all of the survivors.
A Courageous Decision Stopped the massacre of civilians.
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy.
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy.
Hidden Trophy Continue playing to unlock this trophy.
Survivor Finished the game on Light or Standard difficulty.
Survivor: Advanced Finished the game on Advanced difficulty.
Survivor: Hopeless Finished the game on Hopeless difficulty.
Survive and Thrive Obtained the best ending for all three protagonists.
Futures Forever Lost Obtained the worst ending for all three protagonists.
Crafting Newbie Crafted a gadget.
Wanzer Pilot Piloted a normally functioning Wanzer for the first time.
Wanzer Killer Defeated an enemy Wanzer.
Backpacker Acquired all three types of backpacks for each protagonist.
Data Collector Collected all database information, excluding TUTORIALS and COLLABORATION.
Gadget Tester Used every gadget at least once with any protagonist.
Gadget Master Defeated one hundred enemies using offensive gadgets.
Sneaky Hit ten enemies with melee attacks from behind.
Melee Master Defeated fifty enemies using either a metal pipe, shovel, or sledge hammer.
The Exsanguinator Made fifty enemy soldiers bleed to death.
It's Electric Disabled four enemy drones simultaneously with one EMP grenade or EX EMP grenade.
Pyromaniac Set five or more enemy soldiers on fire simultaneously.
Firefighter Put out a fire on yourself with an extinguisher.
Wanzer Hunter Defeated an enemy Wanzer on foot.
Wanzer Buster Defeated ten enemy Wanzers on foot.
Combo Completed a close-quarters combo on a staggered enemy mech when piloting a Wanzer.
Fisticuffs Discarded all weapons on a Wanzer and used only its bare hands to defeat an enemy Wanzer.
Ace Pilot Defeated twenty enemies in a single Wanzer without disembarking.
Bullet Collector Accumulated the maximum amount of ammunition for five firearm types.
Straight Flush Possessed at least one handgun, assault rifle, shotgun, submachine gun, and magnum at the same time.
Wanzer Crusher Used either a metal pipe, shovel, or sledge hammer to finish off an enemy Wanzer.



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