John2290 said:

Games I've beaten in 2019...

 - Astrobot

- Resident evil 2 Remake (Platinum achieved)

- Metro exodus

- Resident evil 4


Games I'm 'working' on AKA playing...

 - Ace Combat 7

- Resident evil 7 (replay for platinum)

- Stellaris console edition (domination criteria) 

- Hong Kong Masacre

- Mutant Year zero

- A mages tale

- Metro last light


Next games I'll be playing/buying/already bought and lined up, regardless of progress on the above list...

- Cod 4 remastered

- Left Alive

- DmC5 

- Sekerio (borrowing it and depending on reviews not paying a cent for it)


Backlog, mid competition, intent to resume...

- Divinity OS 2

- Persona 5

- Crash Bandicoot 2

- Shadow warrior 2

- Wolfenstien 2

- No Heroes allowed

- Dèracinè

- Dead cells

- Dark souls remastered

- Owl boy

- Pixel ripped 1989


 ***Updated for Sat March, 2nd. (Re4 done, started a Stellaris campaign, given up on Prey after the demo disappointed, added Cod4 remastered to my queue)


I'm loving this thread, it's exactly what I need to avoid and not repeat my mistake from last years of leaving a dozen and a half games I stalled on which I was loving but for some reason slipped off on and hopefully prompt me to stop that awful habit of starting games for an hour and not giving them a proper chance, instead returning to a comfort game and possibly save me money from buying games I clearly don't need when I have two dozen others to play. Cheers OP. 

What´s your opinion on Metro Exodus?...did you like it?...if you´ve played other single player only FPS games, how does the campaign in Metro Exodus fare against them in your opinion?