I'll give Luca Blight the 3rd vote. He's like a Game of Thrones villain. Or medieval Hitler. 

Reapers from Mass Effect series were great. 

Kefka for his laugh. 

The Black Samurai from Ninja Gaiden. Because he was incredibly hard to beat, in a game full of hard to beat bosses. 

Salazar from RE4. "Welcome, Mr. Kennedy!"

The Unkillable Necromorph from Dead Space's chapter 5. 

Hiku said:
pokoko said:

Luca Blight is always my go-to answer for this question.  I think part of that is that he went out like a bloody star.  I'll never forget his last stand:

"It took hundreds to kill me but I killed humans by the thousands!!!! Look at me!!!! I am sublime!!!! I am the true face of evil!!!!"

That quote and that battle have always been one of my most memorable villain showdowns. It took a bunch of different teams, and arrows, and in spite of that he was still standing.

Yeah, I got to that scene yesterday, and the game suddenly went from being great to being fantastic for me. I loved how Joey and Silverberg set Luca up to die. It honestly felt like when Joffrey from GoT was assassinated for being too much of a dick. I can't wait to see what the writers do with Joey in the second half of the game. And I wanna know if his new wife finds out that he helped Luca kill the king!

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