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CommandoII said:
SammyGiireal said:

You must have unreachable high standards if OoT infuriated you back in 98-99 !

I think you are right.


Also, wanted to state that Next gen systems had a 128-bit data bus, not 64-bit...And from that point forward the hardware changed and advanced to the point where the data bus became irrelevant which is why it was no longer marketable in advertising.    My best guess is that the current gen would be comparibly 256-bit; but now the significance has to do caching and Memory processing (ARM on PS4).

I do agree with the RAM pack messing up the experience in many third party titles. Castlevanka Legacy of Darkness is nearly unplayable in high res mode. It ran at 10fps with the RAM pack on lol, I had to play it with it off. Yet Turok 2-3 seemed to me at least to do better than most in that regard. The DC was a true fixed most of the issues that 3-D games had faced before in terms of graphics. Sonic Adventure and Soul Calibur were fantastic eye opening showcases.