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CommandoII said:
SammyGiireal said:

I agree Turok 2 was better, also a showcase of Nintendo's 4*MB Ram pack, it was a game that wasn't possible on the PS1 or Saturn.

My experienced was marred by the "heavier controls" and I could not get through it.  I felt they had ruined Turok with it and it was one of many games that Acclaim tried to push the 4MB Exp, but it really just overloaded the game and caused issues.  I dunno, maybe I was being harsh on it at the time though.  As stated before I was infuriated by LoZ:OoT at the time so it was Dreamcast time for me!   Maybe I'll pick it up on steam and see what I think now.

You must have unreachable high standards if OoT infuriated you back in 98-99 !