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NightDragon83 said:

Turok was a breath of fresh air for its time, but it has not held up very well over time, as is the case with many games from early in the 32/64-bit gen.

The current gen is 64-bit...

Nogamez said:

I rated it overrated. Even back in around 1997 when i played it, the fog was horrendous and made it unplayable imo. I suppose it just got completely outclassed by Goldeneye. Its sequel, Seeds of evil, however was much better, great graphics, less fog (still bad though) great death animations, gore. Bad framerate though aswell. So yeah Turuk: Dinosaur hunter = overrated imo. Next

I was a PC gamer even back then... So my memories were a little more fond.
That said... I found the game couldn't really compete in the PC space... Especially with the likes of Quake 1, 2, 3, Half Life, Duke Nukem, System Shock and Unreal Tournament and more arrived for the FPS genre on PC... It was a crowded space, the Nintendo 64 by comparison had much less competition so titles like that could shine a little more.

With that said, it was an amazing game on my 3dfx Voodoo 2 running under Glide, the Nintendo 64 couldn't touch it.


For me. I think on PC it was overrated, if compared to it's direct competition.
On the Nintendo 64 it was justly rated, maybe a little underrated, it was a fairly unique experience on the console at the time.

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