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Today Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is remembered fondly by some of us N64 players, and yet it has always lived under the Shadow of one Golden Eye. 

I remember being blown away by Turok's graphics, sense of scale, realistic violence and general freshness as my first first person shooter ever. Turok was one of my bragging rights go to games when I showed off to my PS1 owning friends the power of the N64. It was also a very difficult game with challenging platforming sections, difficult fights. 

GE came afterwards and blew the doors out of the competition, yet I remember fondly Turok's water effects, lush (at the time) environments, and general open feeling of its levels. I feel it has actually aged better than Golden Eye as I find it a more engrossing experience to replay today. Holding an 85.0 metacritic rating, was Turok overrated or underrated?