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Majin-Tenshinhan said:

There's no pedophilia or child porn on 8chan. Racism, though, well, that's probably there. Also, literally everything on 8chan is in the "lele memes" kind of way.

You're probably right. But the Google blacklisting of 8chan + the fact that people I trust have been calling it a place with pedophilia convinced me. 

So basically you're saying it's only half as cancerous as I thought. Still cancerous.

estebxx said:

Honestly... i dont care, i believe the guy at THQ when he said they didnt knew of 8chan history, after all if they knew about how "controversial" 8chan (apparently is) this idea would have been an obvious PR nightmare, so i really doubt they knew.

It doesn't matter if they knew or not when they exhibit behavior that's just as bad as the reputation of 8chan: