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Yes, it's annoying and lead to me not being able to call my horse Hoarse in RDR2 in the campaign, as apparently that's a profinity. Why filter it in the campaign I dunno. First we had to shoe horn multiplayer into every game. Now we have to shoe horn multi player 'features' and requirements into the single player side, or just ditch the single player entirely.

I love GT Sport but it has taken the online requirements too far. The game is completely bare bones without online and constantly keeps asking to reconnect. Yet gamers have taken it on themselves by messing around with save files and car duping in gt5 and gt6. Not that it really matters, there are still plenty of ways to cheat.

Plus my pro is the secondary ps4 in the house and my kids have the primary so they can use my ps+. However that means that when we temporarily lose internet access, I can't play my VR games. Sucks.