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John2290 said:
mjk45 said:

No one's saying that, what is being said is you can have more naturalistic features and clothing and exude beauty.  take Aloy since you find her hot  this is a girl with freckles and a fairly  normal physique who  appeals to many people showing that you don't need to rely on cookie cutter stereotypes to exude sex appeal, One of my favorite characters is Alyx Vance someone  being smart capable and independent having a sense of humour, but has faults all these traits along with her looks I find extremely sexy,  but it would be a surprise if she turned up in a bikini playing volleyball, but the opposite happening wouldn't be, all body types are fine that should never be the issue the issue is the over prevalence of one type.

I get ya and it makes makes sense. Still, writing off characters in bikinis as non complex could be an issue too when you look at it so perhaps we shouldn't judge on looks at any rate and what's not to say, if after half Life 3 Gordon and Alex ended up in the a tropical island and Alex and he were picking ass, bikinis and all.

Again, I get what ya mean and I'm all for properly outfitted characters and presenting them as reflected in the writing and world and thereis no point making a character that looks good and is shallow but their is nothing to say a character can't be complex, deep and loveable all the while having size F breasts and living the nudist life. Most people would consider Garalt a complex character and he tries to get his shirt off as often as he can, scars and all and in TW3 he is designed to be far better looking than the scoure material should allow. If you're going to define a character by how they are presented before they have a chance to redeem themselves then it's probably q problem that starts with you, would Alex Vance be any lesser of a character if she wore a skimpy outfit and had a pair of fake tits. Nah.

A book and it's cover and all that.

I agree a book and it's cover and all that, but they don't need to use the same cover, over and over  I don't mind a book with no cover. too your Alyx question yes and no if she was changed to become that character then yes, if she  had that figure from the outset then that's fine  as long as her other characteristics remained.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 26 February 2019