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John2290 said:
EricHiggin said:

At least allow players to collect materials and craft some sunscreen am I right?

I just don't understand why people are saying A lot is anything less than fucking gorgeous? Maybe she doesn't come along well in pics or some shit but man, my dick was tingling when I played this game, more than once. 

Chick is fine, especially that body.

No one's saying that, what is being said is you can have more naturalistic features and clothing and exude beauty.  take Aloy since you find her hot  this is a girl with freckles and a fairly  normal physique who  appeals to many people showing that you don't need to rely on cookie cutter stereotypes to exude sex appeal, One of my favorite characters is Alyx Vance someone  being smart capable and independent having a sense of humour, but has faults all these traits along with her looks I find extremely sexy,  but it would be a surprise if she turned up in a bikini playing volleyball, but the opposite happening wouldn't be, all body types are fine that should never be the issue the issue is the over prevalence of one type.