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Before this site there used to be a forum on PC vs Console where they would post weekly MC chartz, UK charts, and monthly NPDs. Not sure if my memory serves me correctly or not, but I recall during the first few months of DS vs PSP, it was quite an even match, maybe even leaning towards PSP, at least in Japan.

I still have friends on PSN from that time, and I can still remember the epic trolls. There was this one guy named "Gripper" who was the biggest MS fanboy I've ever seen. To this day I'm not certain if his posts were legit or if he was just trying to induce a flame war in every thread.

A website which I can't remember the name of had a live counter of Wii vs 360 vs PS3. The numbers were re-aligned every so often and then just set to increment by `x` number of units every `y` seconds, so it seemed "live". Shortly after that I found VGC, located at at the time. Lurked for years while still using the aforementioned forum for discussion, but eventually that forum died out and I spent more time here lurking.