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mZuzek said:

"I should have a better idea of how honest I am than you do."

I'm not saying I'm more honest than you, I'm saying I know more about my own honesty than you do - the same way you know about your honesty more than I do.

I didn't address the painting stuff because I didn't know it was done by a cleaner, honestly. I thought it was "professional" work. Still, there are other examples I could've used.

But in saying that, you can't claim dishonesty from the other person on the claims that they should know themselves to being more honest to themselves and others. That really doesn't make much sense, especially when people can prove themselves to being dishonest at times. 

I wasn't aware that you didn't look up the original reason behind the meme/photo in general. There can be other examples out there, but they have to be from the same artist and be on point, rather than what you had originally used, as well as being entirely objective, without any subjectivity being lent. 

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