RolStoppable said:
30 fps on the map was obvious, but resolution is much harder to discern. There's not much difference between 675p and 720p anyway. Also, that's the demo build, so the final game might hit 720p.

If it doesn't, no problem. I really enjoyed the demo with the adjustment to the collectibles logic, the Schnuffelchen search and the sidequest that gives a pop-up message to exit the level immediately upon completion. Two side objectives that stretch the game's length and have good implementation.

720P = 1280x720 = 921,600 pixels.
675P = 1152x675 = 777,600 pixels.

That is a reduction of 18.5%. You are correct in that you aren't likely to perceive much of a difference.
However... It also drops down farther than that... Down to 1024x576.

1024x576 = 589,824 pixels... Or a drop of 56.25%

That kind of resolution will look absolutely terrible on a 65" 3840x2160 display, no doubt about it.

In saying that though... Portable:
704x396 = 278,784 = 230% difference from 720P.
880x495 = 435,600 = 111% difference 720P.

PAL DVD is 720x576... So at times the Portable resolution is dropping even below that.

But... That's just resolution, there is more that makes up a scene than just the number of pixels... Game still looks charming either way.

jonathanalis said:
Other example of why resolution is overrated. If we didnt call DF for pixel counting, we would never notice the resolution is so low. I hope someday the community realize that.

I would notice... But I am a PC gamer and an enthusiast and all that.
For the vast majority, they probably don't really care.

I mean... The Wii sold bonkers during the HD era.

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