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twintail said:
method114 said:

Weird that he says he wants to make fewer exclusives but the same amount as they have now? So than fewer than what? Also tired of people saying BR is a fad. It's not a fad it's like saying MOBA's are a fad. It's a game genre that people like and will continue to tweak and change the same way every other gaming genre has done. I've never really enjoyed BR games until Apex.

This is a good example where actually reading thr source would show that OP didnt know what he was talking about.

Layden never says they now want to make fewer games but rather says so as a general statement. Which is true in comparison to years before.

He also doesnt say BR is a fad. Just that he doesnt see the need for So mny to enter that genre when what they are doing now is working so well for them (single player narrative games)


Ok good to hear. All of these are much more reasonable statements which I actually agree with 100%. Especially the single player narrative which I enjoy a lot.