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twintail said:

i also disagree with your list. The ship has sailed for both HouseMarque and SuperMassive. If Sony wanted them it would have happened by now. I would argue Clap Hanz too. If Sony hasn't incorporated them into their own studios by now it aint happening.

Also both Quantic Dreams and FromSoftware are not unlikely, they are straight up not going to happen/ impossible. Quantic Dreams already has some shares bought up by a Chinese company and FromSoftware is not even independent, they belong to a big media conglomerate.

Good point. Housemarque, Supermassive, and Clap Hanz should probably be moved to "Unlikely".

Yeah, I considered making a third category called "Impossible" with non-independent companies that can't just independently agree to be acquired. These not only include Quantic Dream and FromSoftware but also e.g. Codemasters (Reliance Entertainment owns 29%).

twintail said:

Bungie and HelloGames wont happen since their involvement for both was just marketing, and not actual game making which is what Sony does first before studio acquisitions.

Bungie and Sony also collaborated to develop the DualShock 4 though you're right about no actual collaboration on game development. I guess, I included those to be able to look at all the possibilities.

twintail said:

Of course anything could happen I suppose.