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I've been there since the beginning. It's definitely a step up from the N64 and the Wii as far as a steady diet of great new games go. There was jus t a sense of newness and wonder that can't ever be matched for me as far as the NES and SNES go. Same for the DS and original Gameboy. It just felt like I was experiencing the future. The GameCube also benefited from being the most powerful hardware in my home at the time and it had pretty good third party support as well.

I guess I'd have to give out number grades.
I'm not giving out number grades.

Where the Switch falters is that I've already had the "Home experience on the go" with Sony's handhelds. And much of my Son library are games I've actually owned on other systems. I do appreciate the limited compromises and games like Breath of the Wild are life changing.

I don't know. I guess my answer would be "Pretty good."

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