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Hell no, my school put math and science above all other subject matter, tons of cut fine arts, music, civics programs and assloads of homework. The systems goal is to try and land you "a job" instead of finding what it is you actually are passionate about. I got up at 5AM to catch the city bus to school, didn't come back home until 6PM, to which I had hours of homework waiting. And it's not necessarily even teaching you anything, it's busy work.

I get it, repetition is the a key to learning, but it's not necessarily THE key. 3 and 4 hour days? Hell, we'd be ecstatic about an early leave day which was about 2 hours off of the 7-8 hours in school. Weekly tests and exams which 2 of my professors said your name and grade after each exam out loud...damn I hated that place. I swear if I have kids and I'm still living in the US they're being home schooled. Go go Finland. The US schooling system is trash, and needs a complete overhaul because obviously it isn't working as well as we thought.