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COKTOE said:
DonFerrari said:

My collection will be made solely of the ps4 versions.

Yeah, same. I have little interest in the PS2 versions aside from having watched bits of them on youtube. The PS3 versions are another story, and I plan to buy the remasters on PS4.

I would buy the ps2 versions for cheap but want to make my yakuza ps4 special box :)

ARamdomGamer said:
COKTOE said:

Have you considered the Kiwami remakes in lieu of the PS2 games? Also do you have the western release of Yakuza on PS2 or the Japanese version? The English voice acting in the western release doesn't do the game justice.

western and I'm a sucker for weird english VA, so it adds to the charm for me, regardless I do plan on getting the Kiwami versions, just that if I have an easy way of experiencing the original before a remake, I like to jump on that.

Different strokes. But yes some VA are so comically bad that they have their value. But on here I’m kinda Puritan. Since there isn’t Portuguese dub or sub then jap plus eng sub.

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