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Circumcised dicks just aren't as appealing as uncircumcised ones. HAving foreskin means the head remains moist and tender, sensitive and yes, even a bit musky, Some girls LOVE that, I know I do; it's not dirty, it's just aromatic. Even freshly cleaned uncut penises maintain the slightest hint of natural scent much longer than a circumcised one, which has no flavour and no aroma unless it's recently been inside someone or he's just peed/ejaculated.

Honestly, I'm about as anti-circumcision as you can get, at least at childbirth. If you grow up and decide 'yes, I want to be circumcised', that's your choice and one that will affect you the rest of your life, but at least you made the decision for yourself based on your personal tastes.

Having a parent take that from you based on THEIR experiences is rather silly.

I, for example, have a clit ring! I happen to quite love it and my sex life (read: masturbation for the most part) has been SO much better since going that route. HOWEVER, I wouldn't feel the need to push that decision on someone else no matter how much it worked for me. Likewise, it's silly for a parent to say "Well I like cut cocks/mine is functional therefore my son must also be cut."

That's foolish. and the 'it's cleaner' argument is so flimsy since cleaning it is a breeze.

I can't be circumcized due to, you know, not having foreskin (and I'm not in Africa so FGM ain't a thing where I live). However, I try to avoid circumcised cocks because they look strange to me, aren't as fun to play with, and I can't shake the feeling that a young boy was mutilated at a young age out of my head. Gross.