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Dante9 said:
deltazero said:
I am and since I've had it from birth its what I am used to and happy with it. Would I circumcise my child? Maybe.
Reason being much like an appendix, its not nessesary and sometimes (0.01%) can cause compilcations which require it to be removed. I have two friends, both needed circumcision later in life.

First one had when 18 and the pain and soreness weeks afterwards was unbearable. Thankfully fine now. Other needs it but puts up with it since the pain and not wanting to mess with down there is perfectly understandable.

But as kinda stated before, 2 people out of the 1000s I know, doubt it would happen to my kid so *shrug*

I'm sure that religious folk have come up with a thousand non-religious excuses for having it done, but those are an afterthought to fight off modern criticism and protect the old custom.

I might grant you that the foreskin isn't absolutely necessary, but it's not really comparable to other truly unnecessary organs like the appendix, either. If the foreskin was a real disadvantage, evolution would have done away with it already, because it is involved in the reproduction of our species, a most critical function. Any needless surgery is pointless, and if it wasn't part of certain religious practices, there would'n even be discussion about it.

Well, it's not like this thing is going to go away any time soon, so each to their own I guess.

I didn't even have my kid christened,(let alone make surgical alterations to him) because I believe it's not ethical to force any kind of belief systems on an unwitting baby. When he is old enough to gauge the world and make his own decisions, he can do as he pleases.

Those weren't religious reasons by the way. And the appendix and tailbone still exist, despite being useless and only there to sometimes cause extreme pain.
Not saying by any means that circumision should be done, just explaining my non religious reasons, since personally I wouldn't do anything to my child for religious reason either