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V-r0cK said:
animegaming said:

Reporting in.

Yes I have beaten both Kenzan and Ishin.

Am I not seeing it or are you missing Yakuza 4?

oniyide said:
Played Yakuza 3, wasnt feeling it. Bought Yakuza 4 on sale. Loved it. I dont know why that one clicked with me. Still playing 5, not feeling it as much as 4 but still a good game.

Yakuza 3 was probably my least favorite and if that was your first Yakuza game then that would've been the worst to get introduced to.  Yakuza 4 is currently my favorite and seeing as you loved it too then there's definitely a good reason why Y4 was really good.  Yakuza 5 isn't as good as 4 but better than 3 lol

Yeah, 3 was my actual intro and yes 5 is better than 3