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Hiku said:
NobleTeam360 said:
I actually just got Yakuza 0 yesterday, first game I've played in the series.

You're in for a very good time. There's no other game like it.
And the story in 0 is phenomenal.  Just starts off a bit slow the first few hours.

Yes I found the trap very dumb, but well Kazuma was still a Fledglings (perhaps even nestling) at the time so even though he was just as straight on his honor as later, he wasn't wise (well he never is....) and didn't take the best decisions... Although I'm still at the chap 2 with Tachibana.

DonFerrari said: 

Majima was the crazyest and funniest part of Kiwami, I have encountered all of it and it was always epic and funny. I missed him on 6. So I'm sure I'll love some Majima on 0.

Small open world make it more enjoyable for me.

Yeah, Majima is always good times. Though given your knowledge of him from other games, you'll still be quite positively surprised by Majima's part in this one. I won't say more than that, but you'll soon realize what I mean.

Majima is a very multi-dimensional char full of surprises

Random_Matt said:
Love them, not as good as shenmue though.

I have played 2 of the Yakuza, there are 5 to finish, I'll buy shenmue remake after I believe and prepare for 3.

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