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I'm making this thread to talk about the Yakuza games that just now started being more liked on the West.

I had played the original in PS2 long ago and loved it, but didn't found the second game launch at the time... Then I got Yakuza 3 late in the life of PS3 and got bored during some part of the daycare on the orphanage.

But during December PSN+ free game of Yakuza Kiwami (I didn't know they were remakes at the time and lost the chance of buying it on a trip), I was still a little burned by the third entry. Plus was a little suspecious of the Zombie game (Yakuza 4 and 5 also didn't show up over here).

And I have to say that playing Kiwami throw me back to that first game and mindset, and I totally love the game again to the point of just needing the very expensive weapon and accessories to plat the game (well also need a new playthrough on Legendary, do Climax Battles, but those will be pleasant). The mini-games are fun, the story is grandious while also being very humane. The protagonist is charismatic, very noble and the people he meets are relatable.

Perhaps after having my child the Yakuza 1 (or Kiwami) got even more touching on the protection and devotion he gives the little Haruka and the search for not only her mother but the aunt (Kazuma's darling).

After buying it I rushed to buy Yakuza 6 (Platined, but a lot easier to plat though), there were fewer games, but some funny moments (unfortunately the chat room even being good and a lot different than the cabarets... getting you a soft strip-tease.. but the cabaret having more girls and being easier/faster than Kiwami didn't earn you the ending movie of the girls soft porn). The Yakuza Clan is very good fun as well. Could be sold standalone for 5-10 bucks easily.

The story on 6 is a little more dark than Kiwami, but still on similar plot of loss and parenthood... Yakuza is all about relationship. And the end of Kazuma carreer (promissed to be last game) is such a well made moment with a lot of unexpected events that got me thrilled.

As soons as I finished I ordered Zero, and soon will be able to give my impressions. So far seems a little slower and not expecting as much plot twists, but I heard good of it and the management of cabarets... plus a lot of the minigames 6 missed returned.

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