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Kerotan said:
No. Although I've a friend who isn't religious and chose to have it done. He brags about it and tells us it makes him last longer and the women love it.

am Circumcised and it is true. 


It is a rare both pro and con. I have to work a little harder to reach peak satisfaction for myself, but in the process bring much more satisfaction to my partner and in the end I believe that brings more opportunities....


Bottom line. I still get fully off, but I spend more time getting there and thus the female gets more out it.

End of 2009 Predictions (Set, January 1st 2009)

Wii- 72 million   3rd Year Peak, better slate of releases

360- 37 million   Should trend down slightly after 3rd year peak

PS3- 29 million  Sales should pick up next year, 3rd year peak and price cut