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RaptorChrist said:
Sorry, but this seems kind of pointless for a multitude of reasons. Hear me out:

How many publications award a Game of the Year? I would imagine that in any given year, there are a small handful of games that receive almost all of the awards. This means that getting the majority of the GotY awards would be influenced heavily based on what other games came out in that year.

Also, notice how just about every game on the list is a relatively new game. Why no Final Fantasy 7? Where's A Link to the Past? Because back then there weren't even close to the number of publications as there are today.

What qualifies a source as credible enough to make this list? Did my GotY vote count?

Maybe organizing this list based on the percentage of awards would be a more interesting metric, but still wouldn't ultimately give an accurate comparison among games that came out in different years.

Not trying to be a hater. I would assume that most of the people on these boards are intelligent enough to notice this themselves, but this is the sort of thing that results in misinformation.

but ultimately percentages and total awards are also dependent on the year they were released because of competition.  Witcher 3 came out and got all these awards but look at GTA5 vs TLOU or GoW vs RDR.  Those pairs came out the same year.  Without each other to steal awards their totals would likely have destroyed the Witcher 3 or if they had come out the same year the Witcher could have far less awards or even have lost out to them in the totals.

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