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I'm hoping we get a surprise Feb release in the direct. And I think this year, we'll see a week with 90%+ switch as a total of the hardware. Will PS4 have 20k as a baseline or will it fall further next week? Will 60k be switch's new baseline. Also of note that of the top 20, 12 are switch titles and 8 PS4s. 3ds was selling software before but now even that is out. So this might be it's last year. It also means we might see a week where 15 or more the top 20 titles are all switch. This will be a bad year for the console market as a whole in Japan but an unbelievably huge year for switch. It'll basically be the only thing selling decent since PS4 has run out of almost all options now that kh3 and re remake are out

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also