CGI-Quality said:
yvanjean said:

Gamers that don't like the horde mechanic will stay away and won't experience what else the game has to offer.

That doesn't mean that'll be a downfall. It simply means people who are tired of zombie hordes may avoid Days Gone. Like any other game where the material is either not to their liking or they've grown tired of it. 

Plenty of people will still check it out, and with a userbase pushing 95 million by April, that is a lot of potential buyers within it. If it reviews well enough, it will definitely be a sales hit.

Well at least Sony as enough know how to move the game out of that awful Feb 2019 slot. Giving the game the most chance to find success with the new April 2019 release date.

I liked what they showed of the world and the narrative they went with for the game, but then they announce that the zombies would be Freakers. I would of prefer playing a biker in a more traditional zombie open world. I think the freakers (horde mechanic) will clash with the open world story element of the game.  

"The narrative hook of Days Gone is still unclear, but we imagine it’ll involve exploring a sprawling open world in search of a cure or something. Imagine Days of Anarchy spliced with The Last of Us.

Deacon St. John is a man who prefers to live in the dangerous outside world than the confines of civilian encampments, even if it means dealing with hordes of relentless infected. Taking place two years after a global pandemic overwhelmed civilization, turning millions into mindless zombies known as ‘Freakers.’ They’re fast, relentless and arguably unstoppable."

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA