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Cerebralbore101 said:
flashfire926 said:

Sony's strategy of fewer, but bigger/better games has paid off dividends this generation. The startof the gen was a bit iffy, but after The Order came out Sony have delivered several hits in a row. Unprecedented success.

Well, unless you live in a big a city, streaming isnt too viable. That's very true. However, most people live in urban areas (a percentage that's increasing rapidly), so that does mean it would be viable for most, right?

Their E3 comment makes me wonder if they're ditching E3 altogether, rather than just taking a one-year leave. Interesting.

Yeah, the Order 1886, Killzone Shadowfall, and a few other early PS4 exclusives were good, but not console movers. I think he's trying to go from less games of that caliber to more games of the God of War, TLoU, Horizon caliber. 

I don't think that population transition will be relevant and complete until 2030. So up until then local based hardware will still be the majority, and not streaming. Not to mention that is net neutrality remains dead in the U.S. it could mean being charged insane prices by ISPs just to stream your games. 

If Sony ditched E3, that would basically be it for the event. Nintendo just releases a Direct, and sometimes those directs aren't very good, like last year. That would just leave MS as the only E3 attendee out of the big 3. But MS is rapidly becoming the distant 3rd place console maker. Sony and Nintendo are crushing them in sales these days. 

it seems that in regard to E3 if they wants to keep Sony they move the date, I have mixed thoughts about fewer games but more time, the positive is more time and money put into those games , the negative we don't want it  to end up with each Sony AAA  Game becoming a COD  with a longer timespan , another part of Sony's mantra that they took pride in was  each big selling game allowed  for 7 more games to be made, that way  the Journeys of this world got produced, now with games like cuphead and Ori being touted as a reason to be optimistic with  xbox's direction going forward it could be a mistake, I hope what that the statement really means is they will continue to make just as many  types of first party games and continue to use some of that money to invest in smaller games and the touted lengthened game spread  isn't further exacerbated by making less games.

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot