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Is the US internet infrastructure so bad that only those in big cities have semi-decent internet with capable upload bandwidth for streaming?
Isn't VDSL or Fixed wireless with 5Mbps uploads or more a thing even for more regional areas?

I get that Sony doesn't want to make the jump until everyone can get onboard, but you might as well plant the seeds for streaming now and get your infrastructure ready for prime time.


In saying that... Sonys efforts on the games front I am completely happy with, they have been smashing it out of the park, whether they want more or less exclusives... Doesn't matter. - I can't really criticize their efforts until they actually start dropping the ball on that front.


E3 to me is still an important avenue to me though. Sad they have pulled out, but it is what it is... It's generally the only time I really... And I mean really pay attention to console gaming news.

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