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So, I found this interview where Shawn Layden (Sony's big boss when it comes to developing exclusives) talking about the future of Playstation. A few things he says that I thought were interesting...

Streaming won't be viable for a long time. 

He's basically saying that unless you live in a big city, you're not going to be able to stream games until something like ten years from now. I agree, and I think MS's attempt to move XboxLive to games as a service is too early. 

E3 used to be about letting retailers know what was coming up for the holiday season. It isn't anymore. There's a whole other meeting for that. It happens way before E3. 

 Yeah this is really interesting, and kind of explains how things get leaked before E3. It is because retailers already know about everything that is going to be revealed. They have to, or else they don't have enough time to make orders, and fill inventory in time for Christmas. 

He wants to make fewer exclusives, but bigger better games. 

A lot of people might recoil at this, but it sounds to me like he wants fewer games in the 75-80 range on Metacritic, and more games in the 85 - 95 range. I think the development of Days Gone is a good example of this. That game has been delayed forever in order to get it to be a good game. In other words he's a fan of the Nintendo method of delaying games until they are good. He said that the amount of exclusives coming to PS4 this year is about the number he would like to see for every year. So when he says less games, keep that in mind. We are probably getting 2-4 PS exclusives this year so all in all this would be good news. 

Sony has no interest in making a Battle Royale. 

He basically said it's a fad, and that Sony doesn't want to jump onto a bandwagon. 

Last edited by Cerebralbore101 - on 11 February 2019