flashfire926 said:
Activision had teams that supported Bungie with Destiny (Highmoon, Radical, Vicarious Visions), sonI think these will be the most affect.

This is a shitty situation all around. Its not like they dont have money, the New CEO dude just got 5 million as a sign on bonus.

Vicarious might get some minor layoffs but they will be fine, they were the primary developer of Crash N. Sane Trilogy on PS4 and also did the Switch port. If I had to guess i would say they are working on a brand new Crash game.

But I agree on High Moon, they have been nothing but a Destiny support developer for the last few years so I could see them being shut down.

As for Radical, I'm pretty sure they already got shut down back in 2012. A small number of the staff was kept around to support development on the first Destiny but Radical itself in gone.

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