Mr Puggsly said:
Jranation said:
I have never bought a Non Nintendo console since the PS2
- Dont have enough money
- Not interested in other consoles
- Not enough time
- Have a PC for the free2play MMO games and sims

As a multi console gamer I say this...

- I always buy console at a discounted price, often during Black Friday or a deal with similar prices.

- That's subjective, nothing to say there.

- If you play F2P content and MMOs, you have plenty of time but spend it with those.

- If you have a gaming PC and a Nintendo console, you're a multiplat gamer. PC shares most of the content on PlayStation and Xbox.

Sorry. I contradicted myself there. Should have just wrote my 2nd and 4th point. And yeah I guess I am a multiplat gamer. 

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