Today I learned that people struggled with Final Fantasy Tactics.  I loved the game so much that I was probably way overleveled for the story missions so the only struggles I had were things like trying to steal all the Genji armor or getting the Zodiac Summon.  God, that game was amazing.

TruckOSaurus said:

Those random chests you can't open if you want the best weapon in FFXII has to be one of the stupidest game design decisions of all-time. I never look at walkthroughs for RPGs until I'm at the end game and when I read that part I was like "fuck you Square!". I didn't restart my game for the weapon though.

I don't know if I'd call it stupid, because I absolutely loved the game, but in Suikoden II there comes a moment about 3/4ths of the way in--and if you're trying to get all 108 characters that's a lot of hours--when one of the characters dies.  I was crushed because I really loved that character and always used them in my party.  You can save them IF you take all the correct steps but I'd been trying to play without spoilers, at least until that moment.  Turned out the actions to save them were WAY back and I had no saved game for that point.  I actually did restart the game just for that, though it was an agonizing decision.  It's probably supposed to be a powerful moment and an incentive for replaying the game in the future but I just couldn't leave it like that.