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Spoiler warning, as people are obviously going to tell you about the games.

So we know that more and more games are coming out with moral/choice parts of their stories which affect it. But some of those are either the wrong decision or maybe not the nicest. What are the ones you think are the worst to make (and therefore didn't) or maybe you did, whether you agreed with the choice or not?

For me is was Mass Effect 3, shooting Mordin Solus in the back. I had 4 main characters, a first playthrough one, a paragon guy, a renegade and an Shpeard who was useless and got most of his team killed. Out of every decision and choice in the game, the renegade Shepard was at least a good person, doing it for the right reason, they were just a dick. But that one moment, actually going through with it, shooting Mordin was really hard and I'd say one of the worst to actually do. It changed Shepard into a renegade doing things their way to get the right results into a murderer to do it. Then, if I recall, there is a scene where Shepard straight up lies (or omission of truth basically) about what they did to everyone else.


Hmm, pie.