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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Hm, for some reason I thought it was said that Mega Man 11 was in development for 5 years. I knew that it couldn't have been 5 years of straight up production, but I still thought it was a 5 year development time. Apparently it was only around 2.5 actually, haha.

This is good. Capcom needs to start utilizing it's nicher franchises more. They used the sales of DMC 4 SE/DMC Collection and the Mega Man collection to dictate whether these projects and ideas should come to fruition, so hopefully we can get ... a new Okami? Also hope that Onimusha does well

I've been wanting a new Onimusha forever it was my favorite ps2 series. I would've got the Onimusha remaster if it was a collection instead of just 1 game