MasonADC said:
Nautilus said:

I dont think so.I think Nomura and Square want to have a clean slate for the next KH game.Since KH III finishes the Seeker of Darkness saga(havent finished the game yet, so no spoilers), I guess they would want their next game to be a completely new story, just with the same characters.

So you think they will go straight into KH4? Because I think they need a remake/ to finish the mobile game first to set up for KH4 

Again, havent finished KH III, so I dont know if every single story thread has been adressed.But every review I read so far said it was a satisfiyng ending to the arc.So Im assuming that, since the mobile game is about the Keyblade War, that the major story points end up being adressed in KH III, and those that dont will be resolved in the mobile game itself.

KH III was marketed as the end of the Seeker of Darkness saga.So I dont see a reason for Nomura to go and say "Oh by the way, the next KH will still keep telling the same story.KH III wasnt the end.Im sorry!"

And the next KH dosent need to have a number on its title.One thing people keep confusing is that KH dosent have spin offs.They are all mainline titles.Having said that, yes I do think that he will go straight to KH 4.In order to set up a new saga, I think its easier to convince people of such by making a numbered title.

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