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Ganoncrotch said:

What comes to mind with me in battle royal games is looking back at the emergence and popularity of WoW and then the following release of the tons and tons of "WoW Killers" all of which ended up dying a death trying to reproduce a game which already existed but doing it better or more edgy to try to pull the audience away from the already established title.

Much like WoW I think the title which will be the "Fortnite killer" will be Fortnite itself doing something to upset the fanbase or the parents of them

Indeed, well put. Funny that Fortnite's money making side is just an after thought on it's main game anyway in response to PubG's success. Of course being made free to play and whatever happened in January 2018 made it really take off. I still don't understand what happened, thing was F2P for months then suddenly everyone and their mum were subscribing to Ninja.

Not sure what they'd actually do at this stage to mess it up, Epic can mess themselves up if they don't support their market place they are doing correctly (signing up games as exclusive is a weird way of doing it) but for Fortnite, all the main gameplay is pretty much the same, they just release new skins and make money. 

Hmm, pie.