haxxiy said: 

Also, videogames themselves are entertaining but often a waste of time, and anyone who claims to have learned or aggregated useful things from them are lying.

Whoa, that's a bit extreme. I mean, physically, games make your brain work hard and improve motor skills etc. And while people might not take literal life lessons from games' stories, a game can make you think and maybe change the way you act in the long run. For example, there's this game called The Red Strings Club that I played a few months ago and it really made me reflect on a lot of subjects, such as the balance between rationality and emotion that needs to be struck and how emotions and creativity are the things separating us from machines, or the importance of living and doing things while you can. I reflected on that and I think it changed slightly my view of the world. Games, like movies or books or music, have that power to change people.