What are some opinions you have that most people would disagree with when it comes to gaming?

These are a few of mine:


1. Tomb Raider is better than Uncharted

Sure the story is much better in Uncharted, but I just find the gameplay so much better in the Tomb Raider games. I've tried again and again to play Uncharted, but the gameplay feels too clunky for my liking.

2. Bayonetta is boring

Again, I've tried to play Bayonetta multiple times, but I find it really boring. It's not that I don't like hack 'n' slash games either, I like DMC and the old GoW games.

3. The Last of Us' story isn't that good

It's an okay story. The strongest point for me is the atmosphere, that's what makes TLoU so incredible.

4. The Witcher 3 bores me to no end

Yeah, I said it. I can't play this game for more than a few minutes without getting extremely bored. Maybe it's the fact that I played it right after BotW...

5. The best developer today is... Lucas Pope

You know that guy from Papers, Please that released Return of the Obra Dinn last year? Yeah, he's my favourite developer. That reminds me that...

6. Return of the Obra Dinn is the best game I've ever played

It's just a spectacular game. Innovative, fun, intriguing, mysterious. It looks good, it sounds good. It's the best gaming experience I've ever had.


Those are just a few out of my thousands of unpopular gaming opinions. Share some of your popular gaming opinions too, I'd love to hear them!