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KBG29 said:
This is why Microsoft is looking amazing right now. They have stepped away from pushing Xbox, and have started pushing Games. This new idea of developing more games, and allowing people to play on any platform they choose is what will push Microsoft over Sony and Nintendo. People don't like being locked down to a single device, or a single level of experience. No one wants to be left out of the party, and no one that can afford it wants to be limited to a one size fits all box.

Microsoft is on point with bringing XBL services to other platforms. With Cloud Saves, Achievements, and Friends Lists across every device you own, Microsoft will have the best value of anyone in the industry bar non.

I really hope Nintendo is open to this, or has plans to expand their hardware portfolio. Either fight, or join. Same goes for Sony. I like competition, but to have competition companies have to fight. I don't want to see Sony and Nintendo roll over and die like they did with Portables.

Anyhow, I look forward to GDC. This will be an interesting topic. I am sure a lot more is to come as well.

Looks like MS is throwing in the white flag to me. And Sony won’t play with them so they’re going with Nintendo. Soon there won’t be an Xbox console. But if this avenue is profitable for MS then why not?


A mouse & keyboard are made for sending email and typing internet badassery. Not for playing video games!!!