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Marth said:

And we are in February already. I have to work on my consistency in updates though.

This months notable new releases:
Crackdown 3 (15th) on XBO, PC,
Far Cry New Dawn (15th) on PS4,XBO,PC,
Metro Exodus (15th) on PS4, XBO, PC,
Anthem (22nd) on PS4,XBO,PC,
The Lego Movie 2 Videogame (26th) on everything.

Americas Europe Asia
Canada UK Japan
Mexico France India
Brasil Germany Australia
  Italy China
  Spain Tu

Dafuq? Where is God Eater 3? Also, GE3 (350) is ranked higher than Crackdown 3 (452), so.....

KH3 is at 5, but it is still the #1 game. Woo!!!!!

KH3 is at 2 in CA.

KH3 is at 4 in MX.

KH3 is at 3 in Brasil.

KH3 is at 2 in Germany.

KH3 is at 2 in Italy.

KH3 is at 79 in India.

KH3 is at 2 in AU.

KH3 is at 1 in Spain, UK, France, JP! Woo!!!