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Kerotan said:

Thanks. I'd be hoping ps5 is 7nm, ps5 Pro is 5nm and PS5 is 3nm. Time will tell! 

That would be the most likely scenario..... 

Errorist76 said:
Considering it’ll be sold and supported for another 5 years or so, only had one pricedrop yet and will continue selling for 150-200 after PS5...especially if PS5 releases for more than 400,-, which is very likely imho, I don't see why it would sell less than 130 million.

No.... this is not 2006 and the PS5 is not going to be a $600 console in a space where there is a cheaper $400 console available.

I cant stress enough how important this is.

The people that buy in the first year mostly are the early adopters. If the console comes in at $399/$499 and is BC with the PS4 then all those early adopters not only have no reason to wait before buying they also have no reason to hold onto their PS4. Especially when you consider most will be in a position to trade in their old console.

No matter how much sony drops the price of the PS4 buying used will still be cheaper, and there will be a lot of used consoles up and about. That is going to really impact hw many new PS4s sony will be able to sell at that time.