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Intrinsic said:
FentonCrackshell said:
I said below 110 before but now I think between 115 and 120. This year will be weak for PS4.

Whats your idea of weak?

I think its going to do around 15M with a similar pricing scheme to 2018 or around 18M if there is an early permanent price drop to $199. And to me those are great numbers for a 6yr old console. Poor to me will be like under 14M but sony will not let that happen cause if they see it tracking like that then we will see that price drop early (around june) 

Kerotan said:

How far away from 5nm and 3nm are we?

Well volume production of 7nm is really going t come into its own in 2020. So if there are no hiccups 5nm should swing by around 2023/2024. Thats a big if because risk production for 5nm is actually to begin this year and it usually takes around 12-18 months to go from risk production t actual production chips and then another 18-24 moths to o into mass volume production (the stage consoles need it to be at before adoption).  And 3nm around 2027/2028.

Its also expected that 7nm is a long node..... this means it will be in circulation fr a while and instead go through design improvements as opposed to rushing to 5nm. This is more to do with changes in the fabrication process and how they will probably want t implement those changes on  familiar node before shrinking it down to 3nm.

Consoles usually get their chips like 2 years into a new node size availability. This is a cost thing. A way they can fast track that is by building in redundancy into the chip.... kinda like the PS4pro APU having a 40CU GPU but only using 36 and dropping the clock to ~900mhz when the GPU it was based on was clocked at 1266mhz and capable of 5.8TF with a power draw f around 100W. 


Thanks. I'd be hoping ps5 is 7nm, ps5 Pro is 5nm and PS5 is 3nm. Time will tell!