Intrinsic said:
Lafiel said:

the moment it was announced? nah, certain ppl were convinced the PS4 was going to be Sony's last console for atleast a year before it was announced


I see no realistic way for the PS4 to end up shipping less than 120m lifetime, with 130+m being my best guess right now and 140+m being a possibility. I think Sony could even release a PS4-handheld (straight up PS4 HW in a handheld) once we get to the 5nm process and with further battery tech improvements, which pretty certainly would make the PS4-family the best sold system.

3nm sure..... 5nm not a chance. 

For a handheld to work you need to get the APU to pull no more than 20W. And thats just the start of your problems.

How far away from 5nm and 3nm are we?